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Firm Background

Quality Geo NW (QG) is a full-service, Geotechnical Engineering & Consulting firm grounded in Lacey, WA just a stone’s throw away from the state capitol in Olympia. QG is a one-stop shop for everything geotechnical, specializing in geotechnical investigations & reports, in-ground structures, and geohazards. We provide service across all of Washington and Oregon, and even beyond if the project calls for it.

With a decade’s worth of expert knowledge on the geotechnical conditions throughout the entirety of Western Washington, Quality Geo is ready to tackle any geotechnical site investigation and design needs. From foundations & slope stability analysis, to liquefaction hazards and pile design - whether you plan to build a home, school or roadway - QG has got your back.

Luke McCann

Luke McCann, L.E.G. - Principal Engineering Geologist

Mr. McCann is a multi-disciplined geologist with over a decade's worth of experience performing geotechnical consultations of all kinds across the Pacific Northwest. He also has a background in special inspection and is able to interpret those reports if there are any questions. He specializes in designing pilings, retaining walls, infiltration, pavement, foundations, and setback deliniation. He also specializes in slope stability, liquefaction analysis, setback delineation, subsurface drilling, test pits, and dynamic cone penetrometer testing. Whatever it is you need, he can take care of it!

Ray Gean

Ray Gean - Project Manager & Staff Geologist

Mr. Gean is a multi-disciplined geologist including both geotechnical and special inspection. He specializes in geohazard evaluations, in-field stormwater infiltration testing & analysis, subsurface drilling, test pits, and dynamic cone penetrometer testing. Quick thinking and quality work are characteristic.

Licensure & Qualifications

QG is a licensed PLLC consulting business which employs (and is partnered with) WA Licensed Geologists, Oregon State Board of Geologist Engineers, Engineering Geologists, Professional Engineers, WABO Special Inspectors, and WABO Supervising Laboratory Technicians. Our partners laboratory services conform to applicable ASTM and AASHTO standards, and are regularly audited by WSDOT, A2LA, the Army Corps of Engineers, and WABO. Our staff have a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of the geology of Washington and Oregon, having conducted hundreds of investigations throughout the region over the last decade. 

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